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Plastiki Reports from the Middle of the Ocean

March 30, 2010

Dear Diary,

It has been 11 days since Plastiki, the 60-foot sea voyager made of recycled plastic bottles, sailed through the Golden Gate Bridge on its way to Australia. Before the crew left, it was visited on deck by Robin Williams, who performed a queen of England riff that was captured on video.

I write that because I have no idea how to write a lede or nut graf or organize facts in a remotely logical way.

There are no messages sent in a bottle. Whatever that means. But for Plastiki and the New York Times’ utterly amateurish West Coast outpost, there is Twitter.

Loyal followers of our ‘what we did on our summer vacations’ blog know that NYT reporters in California have no idea how to conduct interviews. But boy, can we ever talk about Twitter and use its most basic functions!

Read the exact to-and-fro that I had in a Twitter conversation with the Plastiki crew


Oakland Rallies for Runners and Itself

March 29, 2010

Dear Diary,

On the weekend I ran in a half marathon! Yippee! I am sure that a news audience would love to hear all about the marathon, but I’ll do even better and just write about my experiences and I’ll be sure to list some other marathons that I ran in the past.

At some point during the half marathon, I can’t remember which part because the details are as irrelevant as this entire blog post, I realized that people were yelling “Go Oakland” at me and other runners as well as the usual “Good Job” and “Way to Go.” That’s right – they were yelling at me. Me! I love to write about me, so that worked out nicely.

I have also run marathons in Wilmington, San Francisco and Brighton. Brighton is in England! I hadn’t heard anybody in those cities chant the name of the cities, so I’m assuming that it didn’t happen.

I don’t know why they were chanting Oakland because I didn’t bother interviewing anybody during or after the race. I figure everybody just cares about my life and about my assumptions about the audience’s behavior.

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