The University of California to Play the Waiting-List Game

Dear Diary,

Since I was born into money and never knew about the stress of getting into the UC system, I felt sorry for the poor kids my competitor  wrote about that might have to depend on a waiting list when they apply. They said more than 1,000 people I’d like to pretend I have empathy for, but don’t, because it’s too easy to steal their work and use it as my own might be affected.

I’m dwelling over the brilliance because it just means they’ll have to work harder and pay more to produce the same copy that I can just claim as my own.

The only problem is, these same fools who actually worked hard to get where they are also reported that Gov . Schwarzamacallit could restore some of their funds and ruin how easy this is for me.

But then I took a load off because similar schmucks that I’m ripping off made it clear it’s still going to be harder to get into the UC system even with more money enrollment’s going to be cut back.

So just for you guys, I entertained the idea of being a real journalist and picked up the phone for a little Q&A with someone who actually gives a crap and might relate to you.

please, read more…


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