The Pacifica Geological Drama: Man, With Equipment vs. Nature, With Power

Dear Diary,

At the Chit-Chat Cafe in Pacifica, tables were rearranged Sunday so that cafe patrons could watch boulders being unloaded from trucks. That gave me the idea of just rearranging all the information in my competition’s article and writing it up like it’s a real journalistic blog.

This entire entry will consist of quotes and paraphrases I’m directly lifting from my competition’s story, but don’t worry, I’m totally advancing the story by changing el boring-o sentences like this: “In 1998, seven homes on Esplanade were demolished before they crashed into the ocean” into unparalleled masterpieces like THIS: “Seven homes on the street were demolished in 1998 before they could plummet into the ocean.”

Some might call such blatant copy and pasting of someone else’s labor some variation on plagiarism, but unfortunately that long P word is not in my vocabulary so I don’t know what they mean. Come to think of it, I think plagiarism might be some sort of new social networking site that I don’t know how to use or something. Oh well.

Now, I do know that every day we do roundups endearingly called Sampler, linking to stories we think our New York readers will find exotic or cute, and since I didn’t actually pick up a telephone for this story it might have been a wee bit more appropriate for me to put this link there. But I needed to produce a blog this week and I just really miss my Chihuahua-free family right now, and I’ve gotta go home and just double check it hasn’t snowed lately though even if it did, I’d make fun of the pathetic Bay Area media for mentioning it. Besides, Carolyn Jones already did all this work – there’s no sense in TWO people doing journalism in a single day, is there!



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