CalTrain Ending Year With Near-Record Fatality Count

Dear Diary,

Today, I ripped off a competitor’s news story and also told my handful of readers that I found out the news through a different competitor’s Twitter feed. KGO Radio tweeted the depressing news mid-morning: the second fatality of the day happened on CalTrain’s tracks when a train hit a truck in San Jose. Earlier, a woman had been killed by a northbound train in Santa Clara. It probably amazes most people that there were only two fatalities in a day, and that they both happened on CalTrain’s tracks, but not me. I’m concentrating busily on how this affects me.

One of us rides Caltrain regularly. If you read this piece of shit blog regularly, you would know which one it is, because we can’t stop telling you about our personal lives. It’s so much easier than doing journalism. The intercom announcement that begins, “There has been an incident…” is sadly familiar. It presages a long wait. It frankly pisses most people off, but I’ll characterize everybody’s emotions as generally sorrowful. It’s nicer than being accurate.

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