Bittersweet Memories of Joseph Schmidt Chocolates

Dear Diary

Talk about double-dipped. You’d have to be in a hole if you haven’t heard about this chocolate store in the Mission. I know because I’ve written about it, two times before this.

But don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard because me I have all the time in the world tell you about it again now.

So there’s this chocolate store, right? And it was bought out by Hershey Company a few years back.

I know what you’re thinking; “Big, bad corporate crap?”

Nope. Here’s the clincher: Hershey Company actually tried to keep the tradition alive but they failed, too. So I wrote a  column about it.

But then I thought, I had a lot of fun talking about chocolate all day and now I’m fresh out of ideas. What will I tell my editor?

It blows my mind how smart I am. I remembered I could write it in my blog, too! And it was so easy. All I had to do was re-quote the same guy I used in my column but made it look like I worked harder because it didn’t post until two days later.

And let me tell you, this guy knows his chocolate. I’ll show you his link, like I did twice before this.

But I could only say that took up one of my days.  So I shot an e-mail to some guy in London, who looks like he knows his chocolate, too. No wait, since I already did the work, allow me: Chantal Coady.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. He knew about it, he loved it and now it’s in my blog.

Thank you Hershey, for making my job easy. I owe YOU a big kiss.


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