Using Facebook: Is It Better to Fast, Feast or Nibble?

Dear Diary,

A Facebook self-control support group may be started at San Francisco University High School, given the responses that Monica Reed, 16, and Halley Lamberson, 17, have received from teachers and students there after the juniors were featured in a story written by somebody else.

That article that was written by somebody else seemed like good fodder for this blog, because we would rather go on and on about our personal lives than have to do anything resembling journalism. In this post, I think I will tell everybody how often I use Facebook, both now and at different stages in the past, and then I’ll talk about something personal that happened to me in August, because I assume that our target audience of West Coast-hating East Coast residents is totally fascinated by me and the mundane details of my life. So please, read more…


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