S.F. May Require Warnings About Cellphone Radiation

Dear Diary,

Can the radiation from your cellphone give you cancer? So far, cell phone company marketers have written some copy that made my some of my competitors’ reporters think that there’s no evidence that it can, so I’m going to trust the results of their laziness rather than waste any time finding or reading any of the scientific literature upon which legislation to protect consumers from cell phone-induced cancer has been based upon worldwide. But the city of San Francisco may require retailers to warn you about it anyway. Because people on the West Coast are craaaaazzzyyyy.

Check out what two of my competitors found out:

In January, San Francisco’s environment commission will discuss eight recommendations related to radiation emitted by cellphones and local, state and federal policies regarding it. Mayor Gavin Newsom is expected to propose an ordinance next month requiring retailers to post information about cellphone radiation on store shelves.

Maine may join San Francisco in the effort, according to another old-fashioned competitor who employs journalists to do reporting. A state legislator there introduced a bill requiring that phones come with a warning label advising people that the device could cause cancer from electromagnetic radiation it emits. Read more…


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