The Heart of Women’s Basketball at Cal

Dear Diary,

So this colleague of mine at the New York Times for some reason decides to spend her days “reporting” (suckaaaaa!) and recently wrote a very moving article about an athlete at Cal. Though I just linked to her story, I will spend the next four paragraphs paraphrasing the article, so my editors will see how long this entry is and tell me what good work I’m doing.

Now I will link to a TV news report about an athlete who collapsed from heart-related conditions, and an LA Times article about a new study that supports the idea of screening athletes for potential heart issues. I won’t bother to contact any athletes or find the actual study and read it myself, of course.

Here’s a broad generalization I’m guessing might be true: Sports medicine has evolved from finding ways to get players back into the game to considering long-term effects of playing with injuries and managing every aspects of an athlete’s health care. I won’t back that up by bothering to make a five-minute call to someone who actually knows something about sports medicine, but here’s a link to a story I’m ripping off from another idiot colleague who hasn’t gotten in on the diary writing gig about this football-concussion blah blah controversy that was all over the news last month.

Here is one final link to a blog about football player Jahvid Best by yet another colleague who actually used this diary to do some original reporting. That annoys me so I won’t spend too much time on it.

In conclusion, here’s several more paragraphs directly filched from that first link.

Peace out.


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