Angel Island Lights Blink Again, More Dimly

Dear Diary,

An island grew opposable thumbs and turned its blinking lights back on, but now they will be a bit dimmer than something.

The lights are a 50-year holiday tradition, but they were turned off after neighbors of the island had complained because the new lights this year blink and were brighter than in the past, according to my competitor.

The new, solar-powered LED lights atop the island, which use equipment donated by a company that’s flush with cash because it operates without competition so I assume it’s a big advertiser or at least a corporation that I should probably keep on my good side, blink continuously, spelling out A, then I, in Morse code (dot-dash-dot-dot). It’s meant as a statement of support for Angel Island State Park and the rest of California’s parks. That’s probably as far as the story goes, so I won’t bother researching it for you.

Read me simultaneously copy the work of two journalists at the same competitor that I already copied once in this blog…


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