The Smoke Police Next Door

Deary Diary,

Nearly a month ago, you weren’t allowed to use a fireplace even though it was a holiday. Some people disagree with the ban, according to an article written by somebody else who interviewed a kid whose health depended on it.

It is the second winter that the Bay Area Air Quality Management District board is making wood burning illegal on days when air-quality conditions are poor. I’ve already written about my feelings about that and made my fireplace resemble art and showed it to you, even though I could legally use it for wood-burning on the vast majority of winter nights.

Another blogger wrote about what I did.

Of the insignificant number of people who have responded so far to a competitor’s online poll, 75 percent said they would not report their neighbors if they illegally burned wood on Christmas Day. Twenty-two percent said they would turn them in. I probably wouldn’t either; Come on, it’s Christmas.

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