Chihuahuas, the Sequel

Dear Diary,

Somebody I work with wrote last week about her son, so I’ll write about him this week. He wants a Chihuahua from Oakland.

Maybe he didn’t get his wish. I frankly do not know. Lots of other people wrote about something that I’m not going to spend any time re-describing and it has gotten attention at Chihuahua-poor animal shelters elsewhere in the country. That’s right. Gotten.

Somebody else found out and wrote that 20 of the little shivering things have been flown to New Hampshire and more are headed that way soon on American Airlines. Another Chihuahua shipment will go to New York via Virgin America.

Virgin America is awesome.

Me and the person who first wrote about her son both work at the New York Times.

Somebody else typed the word Chihuahuapalooza.

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