Bay Area Defense Spending: Presidio Heritage Center and Oakland’s Children Hospital

Dear Diary,

There are going to be some local impacts that I didn’t expect from a $626 billion defense appropriations bill the U.S. Senate passed Saturday, somebody else found out and wrote.

The effort to renovate the old officer’s club in a part of San Francisco that I’m going to assume you’re familiar with, which closed as a military post in 1989 and was transferred to the National Park Service five years later, is set to receive $5 million, a request from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, according to the person who wrote about it. But that’s the least of it.

The person also said the bill contains 1,720 earmarks. I’m going to assume that’s true and type it into this blog, then I’ll post the blog with my name on it.

I plan to dedicate the rest of this blog to copying the living crap out of the other person’s work.

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